Tim Hortons (CFB Petawawa) Store 27


Name: Tim Hortons (CFB Petawawa) Store #27
Telephone: (613) 687-5839
Address: 41 Festubert Blvd
City: Petawawa
Province: Ontario
Postal Code: K8H1N3


  1. Did the drive thru on Wed 16 July at 3pm. Young girl(did not get her name) was very friendly and polite. Handed me my order with a friendly smile.

  2. Twice this morning i did not get to order my coffee, as i waited in line for just over 30 minutes, and there was only 8 people in line the first time and 5 peope the second time. This was in the morning at 0720 and 0815. Would have stayed but couldnt be late for my timing

  3. The owners and supervisors are absolutely horrible, they be-little their staff and yell at them and make them feel like shit I worked at a timmies once and the petawawa location is the worst! But I give credibility too the younger staff that deal with this bullshit on a regular basis. Can’t wait till the new timhortons opens up in town they are owners from deep river and I hope they put the current timmies out of business!!

  4. I can honestly say this is the worst Tim Hortons ever. The orders are consistently wrong, and after waiting 20 + minutes in drive-through you have to go back in to get something corrected. The worst part is they treat you like you have done something wrong when you bring in an order that they made wrong. I think that if they kept their staff for more then 30 days instead of firing them right before their probation was up maybe the service and speed would improve.

  5. Staff is horrible supervisors are constantly yelling. Lately a major lack of staff took 5min to get my donuts.

  6. The great majority of your staff appear to hate their jobs and make the customer feel as though they are wasting their time. INCLUDING your assistant manager. I don’t expect a song and dance, but I DO expect curteous service. The staff communicate by yelling and I observed a trainee being told “You don’t actually have to do that part”. From management.

  7. I was in this Tim Hortons location tonight at 9pm (store hours say they close at 10pm) looking to feed 2 teenage boys. When I asked for a sandwich I was told there were no more hot food available. I walked out with 3 cookies, the only thing available. Unfortunately I will not be back.

  8. I go to this Petawawa times I go with my brother ever night for brother thing
    in most of all the please is filthy the washroom are or have urn feces on the floor seat. I find that the please is relay going down hill in the evening we go in at 5 pm a short slits of food , dirty dishes dirty tables.

    I really do not know what is going on in your place but it is not getting better
    think you

  9. Generally service is very good, last 2 weeks I have been told no Dark roast coffee available, once staff made regular and after paying was told no Dark roast. Don’t advertise a product that is unavailable. Didn’t not ask if I wanted to wait for them. To concerned on there service timings for drive through.

    Not happy with no morning coffee

  10. Great staff and awesome selection!

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