Tim Hortons (Jackson Square) Store 2308


Name: Tim Hortons (Jackson Square) Store #2308
Telephone: (905) 525-7021
Address: 162 – 100 King St W
City: Hamilton
Province: Ontario
Postal Code: L8P1A2


  1. Attention: Paul and Ashley

    Thank you so much for the generous donation of coffee and “goodies” for our July 13, 2012 event (saying good-bye to our Manager). The coffee went fast as well as the treats – the majority of our office are Tim fans so we make several trips to your location throughout the day. Thank you for sharing your wonderful products with us and thank you for being located where you are – it gives us great opportunities throughout the day to break away from our desks and “grab a coffee”.

    City of Hamilton’s Human Resources Department
    Standard Life Building, 9th Floor

  2. March 5, 2013

    Tim Horton’s Management Store #2308

    I would like to commend you and your staff on something I witnessed this morning while waiting to get my morning coffee.
    Your store is an extremely busy daytime location early in the morning when people are on their way to work. Today was no exception.

    You had several lines for better customer service and likely to keep your guests from spilling out into the mall. An individual in a wheelchair was at the front of the middle line. This individual also had severe communication challenges. I came into the store part way into the exchange.

    Although the guest couldn’t immediately make her order known, your server was all the way around the counter, leaning down and into her guest providing the best opportunity for your guest to communicate their order. I don’t know if your guest had speech skills or not because I was too far away to hear most of what was being said.
    Your server provided the best possible customer service including ‘accessibility’ to your service. After confirming the order and placing it into the guests hands, she ensured that the large hot coffee was firmly held then checked with the guest if that was ‘all right’. All this with large lines and lots of eyes ‘watching’. I beleive the staff name is ‘Dyllis’.

    I work for the provincial government with a disabled population and have done this work much of my adult life. I have had ongoing training on how to provide excellent customer service and in identifying and addressing accessibility issues for disabled Ontarians. I would be hard pressed to do a better job myself on serving that customer. Had I been a little closer to the front of the line I could be more specific, and able to offer more positive feedback.

    Our jobs continue to become more and more complex with the diversity of our populations, diversified menus, and so on. I just want to give credit where it’s due.

    Susan Miles
    An impressed customer

  3. Just Purchased two iced coffees with espresso shots in them, along with a steeped tea and a reg Tea. The young man that served me has no customer services skills, and did not make the iced coffees properly. I was also given a medium and charged a large. I am not very happy since I buy at this store almost everyday.

  4. I haven’t been impressed lately with the service at this particular location. I love my Tim Hortons coffee…But, to be on your 15 minute break and have to wait in line 10 minutes or more is a bit ridiculous, and to top it off they can’t even get my coffee right.

    Some days are fine, and the wait time is around 5 mins which is acceptable considering how busy they are all the time. I am also guessing they don’t wash or rinse out the pots after every use as my coffee tasted old and burnt.

    The staff are great, and helpful. The quality is not up to par.

  5. THANK YOU for your generous support <3 Our Benefit for Nick Lannigan's Children Feb 25, 2017 was a wonderful success
    <3 Our Family is truly Grateful and Thankful for your Love and Support <3

  6. I have been 2x to this location and I believe it isn’t that difficult to make a decaf mocha
    The first time I went in : The guy told me they don’t make decaf Mocha (it is half hot chocolate, Half decaf coffee- it would have been a full one if I got regular coffee)

    The 2nd time I went in the guy poured regular coffee instead of decaf in the cup. I returned it. Said no thanks that isn’t decaf. I can tell the difference.

    I wished at night they had an express lane for just coffee, would help with the extreme line ups. Otherwise the staff are super friendly (when not training new staff)

    (I hope your new location is a bit better in November in Standard Life Building)

  7. I went to that timhortons the other day to order a coffee and it didn’t taste sweet enough, so I went to grab a straw to stir it; then I noticed that I just needed more sugar. So this time I went the counter to grab a couple packs of free sugar when all of a sudden this employee, some older short lady with glasses said, “I just saw you 5 minutes ago grabbing sugar and now your grabbing more.” I tried to explain to her that the first time I was grabbing a straw. Even if I did, it’s free sugar. She embarrassed me in front of everyone, I had to leave the store. I will never buy coffee there again.

  8. No good

  9. #2308 Store Has very friendly staff with a good sense of Humor.
    Store is very clean at all times, you will always notice a staff member cleaning.
    Service is fast and very respectful and mature staff who work at this store and make such a difference!

  10. Love this location. I go there every day that Im working.
    Staff is always friendly! Havent had a bad experience yet.

  11. I work in Jackson square and go to Tims most of the days to buy my lunch. Yesterday I had the worst experience there as my break was for 15 mins and i went down to get a soup. It wasnt busy so i thought it will be fast. I had to stand in line for 15 mins to order the employees seems super lazy and slow. I noticed the name of the guy at till and surprisingly he is the supervisor (Not mentioning his name fully, is name starts with ‘G’) there. I wont go their ever again or wont suggest to anyone. If they want they can verify my details by checking the order number (#222)

  12. The manager Phobe at the Jackson square location is a bitter old lady that hates her own life so she’s ignorant to everyone. She’s the short old bitch w the glasses. She acts like she owns the store even tho she doesn’t even have her high school. I don’t what kinda owner would let that ignorant bitch work there. It’s a public service job n this masher clearly hates working w the public. Ignorant hateful old HAG!

  13. How hard is it to not place the meat in a breakfast wrap at the very top edge of the wrap? Opened the box just to have half of the meat fall out on to the ground.

  14. I ordered a plain toasted bagel with plain cream cheese today, and upon leaving the store I opened my bagel to see there was barely cream cheese on one side, and none on the other. I went back to the store and told staff the issue, one male staff seemed to disregard this while a female staff, Trinity, immediately took action and even made me a whole new bagel. Excellent customer service, thanks again Trinity!!

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