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Tim Hortons Coffee? Here’s the lowdown

No matter where you are in Canada, if you’re looking for a cup of coffee there is nowhere as ubiquitous as Tim Hortons. Founded by NHL hockey player Tim Horton in 1964, Tim Hortons has grown from a single location in Hamilton, Ontario to thousands of franchised locations across Canada and a few states in the USA.

Millions of individuals swear by the delicious taste of Tim Hortons coffee, and they drink it at all hours of the day. The most popular way to drink Tim Hortons coffee is with two cream and two sugar, which is called a “double-double”. The term is used so heavily that virtually any Canadian can tell you what a double-double is when you ask them.

Tim Hortons coffee is a lighter roast that most coffee shops, and tends to have a bit less caffeine than other major coffee chains. This is good, since the coffee sizes at Tim Hortons are quite large (they even have an extra large coffee) and you would find it a challenge to avoid having the jitters all day if there was a high caffeine content in Tim Hortons coffee.

You can also get a decent cup of decaf Tim Hortons coffee as well, although you will find it very rare that an individual will order decaffeinated Tim Hortons coffee as most prefer the caffeine kick that regular coffee provides.

Another fan favourite is the annual Tim Hortons “Roll Up the Rim to Win” sweepstakes, in which Tim Hortons gives away millions of free prizes which are hidden under the rim of the paper coffee cup. Once an individual has finished their coffee, they can roll the paper rim up to see if they have won a prize. With odds of 1:9, virtually everyone that visits Tim Hortons eventually wins.

Tim Hortons coffee is some of the best you can find in Canada and you will get a consistent cup of it at any Tim Hortons – which you can find virtually everywhere in the country. Try a cup today… make it a “double double”!

Tim Hortons Donuts and Timbits, Gotta Love’em!

There are few of the thirty-three million residents in Canada that would argue that one of the most delicious treats you can find in the country is the Tim Hortons donut. With about twenty different donuts available year-round and at least a few seasonal specials, one can always find a delicious Tim Hortons donut to suit their fancy.

Every city and province across Canada has unique tastes, which are reflected in the differences in Tim Hortons’ top selling donuts.
Regionally, the top sellers will vary with the tastes of the local crowd. Without question, the most popular donuts available are the Old Fashioned Glazed, a typical donut with a sweet glaze, the Sour Cream Glazed, the Walnut Crunch, the Apple Fritter, the Honey Cruller and the Dutchie.

Another Tim Hortons donut favourite is the donut hole, which Tim Hortons has named the Timbit. Timbits are sold in boxes of 10, 20 or 40 and come in eight to ten flavours matching the most popular donuts. Clear fan favourite Timbit flavours include the Sour Cream Glazed, Old Fashioned Glazed, Honey Cruller, Apple Fritter, Honey Dip, Chocolate Glazed and the Dutchie.

Tim Hortons donuts are – oddly enough – a relatively low calorie snack when compared to other treats. A Tim Hortons donut typical has between 180 and 250 calories, which is about the same as a small amount of potato chips and nowhere near what some other baked treats like croissants and scones will pack in. A Timbit is about 30 to 40 calories, allowing you to indulge in a few different flavours without feeling bad about it!

The next time you’re in need of a tasty, sweet snack – look no further than Tim Hortons donuts or Tim Hortons Timbits. You can easily find something new, or have one of your favourites along with a delicious cup of Tim Hortons coffee. If you haven’t tried the Sour Cream Glazed… you haven’t tasted one of the best donuts invented. Enjoy!