Tim Hortons Store 2082


Name: Tim Hortons Store #2082
Telephone: (519) 862-5858
Address: 373 Lyndoch St
City: Corunna
Province: Ontario
Postal Code: N0N1G0


  1. Service and speediness are horrible on every occasion at the corunna location. The drive thru was backed up at 7:00 on a Sunday night and when I went in store there was a line up of 3 people. Not one staff was in any hurry to serve the next in line. When I finally got served they was a line up of 8 people. In fact the was a staff the was sent home early from her shift because it wasn’t busy. She seemed not so happy she had to wait either. the restaurant was not that clean at the time and if it was slow enough for staff to be sent home then the store should have been cleaner than it was. Extremely disappointed.

  2. There was feces in the men’s bathroom, they also wouldn’t let me bring in my disabled child because he was a “hazard” for other customers. Will not be visiting again.

  3. staff doesn’t care. no selection at 10 am on sunday.

  4. This location has several problems. The top 2 issues I have are cleanliness and disruptive ‘tweeners’ who frequently go there at night to hang out only. They bring in outside food from Subway and Dollarama, they throw trash, spill drinks everywhere and are loud and disrespectful of other patrons there. There is no competent adult manager on site at night.
    The store is never clean – tables are always covered with trash, spilled drinks, etc. There are footprints on the bench seats, overflowing garbage cans, and dirty floors, etc. Staff need to step up their game!

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