Tim Hortons Store 1132


Name: Tim Hortons Store #1132
Telephone: (519) 945-8056
Address: 7887 Tecumseh Rd E
City: Windsor
Province: Ontario
Postal Code: N8T1G3

Map To This Tim Hortons Location


  1. I agree this is thee slowest TIm Hortons (and on a regular basis they are slow) in K-W. I have been to this location several times and it always takes an abnormally long time to get your order. The other issue is the lack of management planning. I have been there on two separate Saturday morning around 8-830 am. Once they were out of hash browns…like no frozen ones to cook either, and the second time they ran out of eggs….at 8am on a Saturday. Really?! You didn’t think that it might be a bit busy on a Saturday? I did speak top the manager after the second time and suggested that I be compensated for the delay and lack of food. By compensation I mean maybe pay for my bagel because you don’t have hash browns at 8am? She looked at me surprised that I would even think of such an idea. Anyway I did get my bagel but when you want a hash brown a bagel doesn’t cut it.
    Today was the final straw. I called in 15 mins prior to arriving to pre order a take 12 and some timbits. I will always call ahead so people in the store don’t get screwed by waiting for my 12 coffees. Anyhow I get there and of course I can barely get in the drive way because of awesome parking lot layout, and the line up at the counter is out the door. Well I’ve already ordered so I decide to wait. And wait I did. 17 mins for my prepaid coffee! I was seriously PO’d! The staff was just bumping into each other, I didn’t see a manager on site and they only had one cashier open with 12 people in line!
    Finally I would just like to say that I don’t believe Corporate Tim Horton’s employees even read these reviews. I mean that store has been there for how long and it has always been slow. I challenge Tim Horton’s to follow up on these complaints and improve that location. But let’s be honest noting will happen. They don’t care now they’ve gotten too big.

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