Tim Hortons Store 2419


Name: Tim Hortons Store #2419
Telephone: (604) 870-9499
Address: 32780 S Fraser Way
City: Abbotsford
Province: British Columbia
Postal Code: V2T4M5


  1. To: David store#2419

    Good day sir, I am a fellow Tim Hortons employee and an expecting mother as well as a mom to a toddler. I’d like to express my concern as My order through the drive thru was rejected by one of your employees, I believe her name is Taman. I had approached the drive through around 10:00am and asked to 3-10.00 gift cards and was refused service because of Timer.. she told me to come to the store front I told her I loud and clear that I was not going to leave my children alone in the car to come to the store front for the service she can provide me through the drive thru and she bluntly objected and said no we can’t do gift cards through the drive thru. I’ve worked for Tim Hortons for 3 years and managed 3 different stores and never have I ever come across such nonsense, refusing to service an expecting full term pregnant woman who has toddlers in the car? Now that’s appalling.

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