Tim Hortons Store 2241


Name: Tim Hortons Store #2241
Telephone: (905) 984-3386
Address: 177 Queenston St
City: St. Catharines
Province: Ontario
Postal Code: L2R3A3


  1. Very slow. Workers chat more with each other than work.
    Some staff are nasty. A few nice ones. Drive thru is SUPER slow. They never have powdered Tim bits or blueberry muffins.

  2. 177 Queenston street. Dirty. Lazy staff. Chitchatting with each other. Do your job. Slow drivethru. Coffee is never made the way I ask.

  3. Just got home with cream of broccoli soup, not even edible.
    Not made properly at all, still powder and way too much water added. Waste of money. Always something wrong at this location and made half fast.

  4. My coffee tasted burnt supposed to be dark roast not dark burnt
    service sucks have to repeat your order like 3-4 times then its not right.

  5. Deliberately treats customers horribly by keeping people standing outside for hours after opening the store & keeping their phone off the hook purposely so people can’t call them. Many angry customers all the time in the morning because they are now late for their own jobs.
    On top of that, they charge extra. I ask for a coffee with lots of sugar and cream to find no sugar in it & charging high for specialty donuts but actually receiving basic cheap donuts. This is HORRIBLE, as a customer I am entirely appalled by their service. They just really don’t care about their customers.

  6. hey tim fans dan lawlor?i’m visually impaired&are only 2 blocks away from tims store 2241 its a great store&i have had no problem the staff are great&are always willing&ready to give me a hand thanks&have a great day

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