Tim Hortons Store 38


Name: Tim Hortons Store #38
Telephone: (905) 627-9613
Address: 38 York Rd
City: Dundas
Province: Ontario
Postal Code: L9H1L4


  1. New owners should know how to staff more efficiently. 5pm only 3 staff for a drive thru store front. Very poor judgement. Staff stressed to the max. Owners should be on site at peak times and assist. Poor customer service not fault of staff.
    If the want to keep location do their homework etc. News travels fast in Dundas!!!

  2. This restaurant is a disaster. I waited 20 minutes for one item (at 1:30 in the afternoon). The woman ahead of me had been waiting 25 minutes. Unfortunately she got her meal (now stone cold) and was waiting for her drinks. The couple after me got their coffee but was waiting for 15 minutes for their order. Just avoid this store at all costs.

  3. This Tim’s has really gone downhill. Not sure what has happened but I came in early afternoon and the garbage in the restaurant was packed full to overflowing, the tables were all dirty and the service was very slow. So disappointing ! I don’t think I would order food from this location.

  4. Change of ownership? and NEW staff and….. DISASTER!!!
    Drive thru is very quick at a HUGE COST
    Toasted bagels are stone cold and untoasted. Ask for butter or cheese? Expect that is it not spread. It is instead a lump on the side. Makes no sense.

    Frequent errors in orders.


    there are many other choices

  5. Unbelievable could not have had worst service or product from both of the Dundas Ontario locations. Terrible selection to mixed up orders to under staffed the new owners should be ashamed at the way they run they run these locations. It is an embarrassment to the brand and I along with my entire family will never grace the doors or drive through again. Could not be more disappointed these two stores are the worst I have ever been in Head office need to take notice and do something about these two locations.


    I handed a cold and broken hash brown back to clerk at the window. I asked for a hot one that was put into a sleeve and NOT thrown into the bag with my breakfast sandwich. She shoved it out the window onto the ground.
    She said Im NOT serving you and slammed the window.
    I drove away and called HEAD OFFICE. In hindsight I should have just stayed there and waited to be served.
    How disgusting this place is
    How ignorant and rude the servers are
    This restaurant is a DISASTER of a place.
    I’ve reported to the Health Departnent
    TURN YOUR CAR AROUND!!! Not worth the aggravation.
    The manager is NANCY GUPTA.
    Don’t bother to complain to her. Go to Head office!!!

  7. Any complaints about this absolutely disgusting and atrocious store should be directed to:
    DO NOT SIMPLY COMPLAIN to one of the managers named Nancy Gupta
    Go to HEAD OFFICE with your complaints or the Health Departnent.
    DUNDAS residents and customers deserve better than this. Do not be complacent. Complain!!!!

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