Tim Hortons Store 570


Name: Tim Hortons Store #570
Telephone: (705) 855-1138
Address: 3755 Hwy-144
City: Chelmsford
Province: Ontario
Postal Code: P0M1L0

Map To This Tim Hortons Location


  1. The Manager leanne is very rude n pushy at the drive thru window, she should smile n not throw my food at me, give me a chance to grab it.

  2. Terrible terrible staff. I watch the managers yell and mistreat the staff. Everyone there seems so miserable and not wanting to be there. The owner of the store is disrespectful to her employees. Poor kids. I will not be coming back.

  3. The supervisor are every rude. I am a regular at the Chelmsford Tim Hortons. I was going through the drive threw and I got to the window and this sweet girl was serving me. I was trying to get my wallet out of my coat to pay, but it got stuck in my coat. I tried to get out but was having a hard time. Then a supervisor came to the window and started to tell me to hurry up! She pushed that young girl working there, out of the way doing her for no reason! She banded on the counter, she ask me several times what are we waiting for, she started at me the hole time with her eyes popping out of her head, She was being every rude. I felt stressed. I am a costumer and I expect to be treated like one. I have came in on counter as well and heard her yell at employees. This isn’t my first bad experience with this supervisor and it will now be my last because now on I go to McDonald’s! Get better management!!

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