Tim Hortons Store 2250


Name: Tim Hortons Store #2250
Telephone: (204) 726-0210
Address: 1845 Middleton Ave
City: Brandon
Province: Manitoba
Postal Code: R7C1A7


  1. This is a first time I have really bad experience at this tim horton #2250. There were two old ladies at the till and both were really rude to me and I was asking them really politely for my order. I ordered for a bagel toasted($1.99 for bagel and 50 cents for any veggie add) with butter and requested to add lettuce and cucumber in but she changed my entire order with veggie sandwich( she said it is cheaper that way $3.99) in which they put cheese, cream(which I didn’t ask for)and a small leaf of lettuce and other old lady handed me really hot tea in my hand and I could even hot it coz that was so hot. I asked for sleeve and she stared at me. So, they should know that how to treat a customer first and they don’t know how hard smone is making their money and you guys are charging them more. You guys ruined my morning and am really upset with their services.

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